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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see the answer to your question here please get in touch via email & my Studio Manager

will respond within 48hrs or less:

Is there a fee for Consultation Appointments?

Consultation Appointments are free of charge & provide an opportunity for you to get a feel for the studio vibe & my process, ask questions

& learn about any technical or creative recommendations

I have regarding your tattoo idea.


If you decide to move forward with commissioning your tattoo project,

a Deposit Payment is made at the end of the Consultation Appointment.


How much is the Deposit? (and what's it for?)

A $226 (tax included) Deposit is required at the end of your Consultation Appointment to reserve design, research & admin time in our studio schedule. As long as our Deposit Agreement policies are upheld the full amount of your Deposit will be applied to/deducted from the total cost of your tattoo.


See Deposit Agreement for full details.


Do you do cover-up tattoos?

All the time! Cover-ups are an exciting creative challenge for me & I'd be happy to Consult with you to determine what's possible.

Note: Cover-up tattoos can be subject to more limitations (especially if there's a lot of black ink in the piece being covered) & require going larger than the original to be successful. Detailed specifics

will be discussed during your Consultation Appointment.


How much does it hurt to get tattooed?

I wish I could give you a specific answer but pain (and pain tolerance) is unique to each individual. Some people feel very little pain while being tattooed, some find it painful yet tolerable, and others choose to use numbing products to be able to sit for the duration of their session.


What's your "Unique Aftercare Monitoring Service"?

My team remains in communication with you day & night if any challenges arise regarding your healing process.

We provide quick guidance in the event that you accidentally damage your

bandage or expose your fresh tattoo to bacteria, and regularly review

it's healing to monitor it's progress.

Our goal is to make your Aftercare process as stress-free as possible, even in the event of something unexpected happening (such as the bandage coming off early due to water or sweat exposure, etc).

This service is included in the cost of your Tattoo.


Can you help me decide what to get tattooed?

Yes and no. I will advise on how to achieve an optimally readable,

successful tattoo based on your chosen subject matter, placement

and/or overall concept, but if you can't decide between multiple

subject matters it's best to wait until you've determined what

kind of piece you'd be most excited to get done.


That being said, I do have clients that tell me to do whatever I want (and that's tons of fun for both of us!), but be forewarned: if you give me carte-blanche to tattoo any subject matter I want you'll likely end up with a

large monster or superhero piece.


I understand you mostly do large tattoos but my idea is really small - will you do it?

Absolutely! Anything that takes me less than 2.5 hrs to complete falls under the Minimum Charge, which can be found here: INVESTMENT


Do you use or recommend numbing sprays or creams?

During the Consultation Appointment I recommend a professional grade tattoo numbing cream to anyone who is concerned about their ability to

sit for up to 5 hours of tattooing. This specific numbing cream is available for sale at the studio.


I also provide a numbing spray, which can only be applied once a certain amount of tattooing has already happened to the dermis.


Do you sell Aftercare products such as "healing" balms/creams?



In my 25+ years of tattooing experience I've seen optimal results using top of the line bandaging products + my specific Aftercare Instructions (which foster the body's natural healing process) but intentionally does

not include any type of "tattoo healing" products.


Is it ok to get tattooed in the summer? I've heard sun is bad for tattoos...

Yes I tattoo clients all summer long!


You simply need to keep your fresh tattoo protected from the sun & water during it's most vulnerable healing phase and then manage your tattoo's sun exposure (via sunscreen, shade or protective clothing) thereafter.


Can I workout immediately after getting tattooed? I follow a strict fitness routine...

For optimal healing it's important to keep your tattoo dry until the bandage is removed. If your skin begins to sweat under the bandage it can cause the bandage adhesive to loosen & expose the tattoo to bacteria, etc.

It's well worth the wait to take a short break from intense activity to achieve a beautifully healed tattoo.


Will you tattoo the sides of my fingers?

No. The sides of fingers generally heal in an extremely disappointing way due to the type of skin on that area. Tattoo pigment is almost

guaranteed to fall out of that type of skin as it heals, leaving

behind a patchy, inconsistent, hard-to-read tattoo that falls

below my professional standards.


Do you use UV ink/do black light tattoos?

No. These types of pigments are not legal in Canada & have been know

to cause adverse reactions.


I only work with top-of-the-line products which are safe & legal.

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