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Top Toronto tattoo artist Ronan Gibney

About Me

Toronto tattooer Ronan reading jumbo Spider Man Comic

Hi I'm Ronan

your friendly professional nerd

My childhood obsession with drawing monsters + superheroes became

my dream career when

I left OCAD to learn


and never

looked back

tattoo inks at Ronan Gibney Tattoo
Lord of the Rings tattoo by Ronan Gibney

Career Highlights

Star Wars tattoo by Ronan Gibney

My Approach

Your experience should be easy
+ fun from start to finish

I'm as excited about my craft today

as when I first began, and constantly upgrading my skills & tools.


I'll geek out as much over advancements in bandage & machine technology

or numbing creams, as I will about

the next Batman movie.

Because every detail of the process

contributes to a tattoo that will

age well, a session you'll enjoy

- and hopefully produce one

of your favourite pieces.


After a decade of tattooing at other people's Toronto shops,

in 2008 I opened Imperial Tattoo on Ossington Avenue.


For 12 years my multi-artist studio created high quality custom artwork,

tattooed at branded events + conventions and made lifelong

connections with our loyal clients & community.

Between lockdowns in 2020 we closed our Dundas West doors

to focus exclusively on serving my clients from my new King Street West Studio.

Imperial Tattoo Toronto Ossington reception


2008 - 2015

Imperial Tattoo Dundas Toronto


2015 - 2020

Ronan Gibney tattoo galleries


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